All Residential Commercial

Hill Paramount
Tai Wai

Residential, 5,074 sq ft, 2018

Hong Kong Parkview 2
Tai Tam

Residential, 1,600 sq ft, 2022

House in Kau To Shan
Kau To Shan

Residential, 2,200 sq ft, 2020

House in Yuen Long
Yuen Long

Residential, 1,713 sq ft, 2020

House in Tai Po
Tai Po

Residential, 3,200 sq ft, 2021

Hong Kong Parkview
Tai Tam

Residential, 4,800 sq ft, 2018

The Entrance
Ma On Shan

Residential, 2,700 sq ft, 2021

Tai Po Garden Unit
Tai Po

Residential, 1800 sq ft,

Villa in Tai Po
Tai Po

Residential, 2,000 sq ft, 2021

Duplex Design
Yuen Long

Residential, 2,000 sq ft, 2022

Rongjiang Clubhouse

Residential, 11,000 sq ft, 2018

Residence Oasis
Hong Kong

Residential, 2,850 sq ft,

Lexington Hill
Kennedy Town

Residential, 2,105 sq ft, 2020

Alto Residences
Tseung Kwan O

Residential, 3,200 sq ft, 2019

Fairland Gardens Penthouse
Ho Man Tin Hill

Residential, 2,500 sq ft, 2018

House in Shatin
Sha Tin

Residential, 7,000 sq ft, 2019

Hong Lok Yuen
Tai Po

Residential, 6,500 sq ft, 2018

Jiang Wan Nan An

Residential, 3,200 sq ft,

King’s Park Hill
Ho Man Tin

Residential, 1,300 sq ft, 2018

616 x Maks Beef Hotpot Bar
Tsim Sha Tsui

Commercial, 3,800 sq ft, 2018

SEEKIN Headquarter
Yantian, Shenzhen

Commercial, 7,000 sq ft, 2018

Dunray Group Private Clubhouse

Residential, 15,000 sq ft,

The Astro
Hong Kong

Residential, 38,000 sq ft,

Office Building Lobby
Tai Kok Tsui

Commercial, 12,000 sq ft, 2019

Ocosy Office Lobby

Commercial, 2,500 sq ft, 2020

Little Tipsy
Hong Kong

Commercial, 2,000 sq ft,

Headquarters Lobby

Commercial, 10,000 sq ft, 2019

Euro Group
Hong Kong

Commercial, 3500 sq ft, 2017

Salon M Plus
Hong Kong

Commercial, 1,600 sq ft, 2018

Royal Deluxe Holdings Headquarter
Kwun Tong

Commercial, 4,615 sq ft, 2017

Platinum House

Residential, 2,500 sq ft,

Ocean Wings
Hong Kong

Residential, 2,000 sq ft,

Xinjiang Villa
Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China

Residential, 13,000 sq ft, 2019

Hillsborough Court

Residential, 646 sq ft, 2017

PICC (HK) Office

Commercial, 3,400 sq ft, 2014

YEWN Jewellery

Commercial, 250 sq ft, 2016

K Style Lab Korean Fashion Retail
Times Square, Causeway Bay

Commercial, 1,550 sq ft, 2017

K Sky
Hong Kong

Commercial, 20,000 sq ft,

Double Cove.Starview Prime
Ma On Shan

Residential, 1,390 sq ft, 2018

Metro Town
Tseung Kwan O

Residential, 894 sq ft, 2018

East Point City
Tseung Kwan O

Residential, 1,100 sq ft, 2018

Double Cove Summit
Ma On Shan

Residential, 1,632 sq ft, 2017

GDH Hotel Lobby
Wan Chai

Commercial, 5,800 sq ft,

Nova Mirage Condominium
Pattaya, Thailand

Residential, 400 sq ft, 2017

616 Nostalgic Beef Hotpot Restaurant
Sai Wan

Commercial, 1,500 sq ft, 2017

616 Beef Hotpot
Causeway Bay Branch

Commercial, 1,050 sq ft, 2017

Hot In A Pot
Yau Ma Tei

Commercial, 3,000 sq ft, 2018

Black Clover Pop-up(Festival Walk)
Kowloon Tong

Commercial, 350 sq ft, 2018

Chic Lady Cosmetics Store

Commercial, 900 sq ft, 2015

Cocacola Fashion Flagship
Shanghai, China

Commercial, 5,200 sq ft, 2017

De Novo
Kowloon Bay

Residential, 442 sq ft, 2017

Black Clover Pop-up (LCX,Harbour City)
Tsim Sha Tsui

Commercial, 150 sq ft, 2018

ESTETICIUM Medical Beauty Centre
Wan Chai

Commercial, 3,000 sq ft, 2017

Joincare HK Office
Wan Chai

Commercial, 3,600 sq ft, 2017

Urban United Burger Bar
Yuen Long

Commercial, 680 sq ft, 2016

Lumenis Office
Tsim Sha Tsui

Commercial, 3,000 sq ft, 2017

Tanhuo Studio
Lai Chi Kok

Commercial, 1,400 sq ft, 2015

ESTETICIUM Dental Clinic

Commercial, 3,000 sq ft, 2017

Hualian (HK) Office

Commercial, 1,900 sq ft, 2016

BAUMHAUS Children Learning Centre
Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Commercial, 2,550 sq ft, 2017

Yoho Town
Yuen Long

Residential, 544 sq ft, 2014

One Grantai

Residential, 3,400 sq ft, 2015

Grandway Garden
Tai Wai

Residential, 658 sq ft, 2015

BPH Condo

Commercial, 769 sq ft, 2017

Villa Rhapsody
Sai Kung

Residential, 1,530 sq ft, 2015

Villa 288
Tai Po

Residential, 2,100 sq ft, 2015

Villa 430
Tai Po

Residential, 1,050 sq ft, 2015

Villa 256
Cheung Chau

Residential, 3,000 sq ft,

Plato 26 Sport Yacht

Residential, sq ft,

Burger Bar Shopfront
Hong Kong

Commercial, sq ft,